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Cheap Submission to Thousands of Directories in Minutes - Only $6.95

Submitting to directories will increase your backlinks and link popularity, and are the most important part of today's SEO. Just in minutes, this online directory submission tool will submit your website to 971 search engine friendly free directories. Only $6.95, try it now!
Please fill in all required fields, and then make payment via paypal. After successful payment, click the button Click here to continue the submission, and then the submission process will start automatically.
Some of the directories are reciprocal required, please download the html file containing all the reciprocal links for those directories here, upzip and upload to your server, type the url of that file in the Reciprocal Link field.
Fill in the form below and start submitting your link to 971 directories now!
(Make sure it's unique, 8-40 characters will be better)
(Not too short or long, around 150 characters will be better)
*Your Name:
(Better more than 5 characters, not too long)
*Your Email:
(Better from the same domain)
*Category Option 1:
(Please input a deep category name)
*Category Option 2:
(Please input another deep category name as backup)
*Category Option 3:
(Please select a main category in case deep category not found)
*Category Option 4:
(Please select another main category as backup)
*Reciprocal Link:
(Please download the file, unzip and upload it to your server, and then put the url of backlinks.html file here)
(Using the above default reciprocal link url from, an extra $1 will be charged. Or please do as above and change the reciprocal link url)
*Enter the Code: (case insensitive)
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  To Continue, please accept Terms of Use of the directories (not the same from
(By clicking submit, you accept terms of use)
New Features:
  • You can input a category with or without -ing, -s, es, etc;
  • You can input multiple words categories with and, or, &, etc;
  • You can view the submission result for each directory by just clicking the show result link.
Features of the Tool:
Fast - in around 1 hour, the tool will submit to 1000+ directories; You save at least 5 days of work!
Automatical - unlike our competitors, we admit our tool as an automatical software.
Simplest - just fill in your link information, paid and then it will start the submissioin process.
Cheapest - you only need to pay $6.95 to submit to the 1000+ directories. Compare with manual submission services, you save at least $45.
Online Live - you will watch the tool submit to the directories one by one, and you will know which category is submitted to, together with the submission status, and you can view the submit results for each directory by clicking the show results link.
About the category options:
The category options are very important for the submission. The tool accepts 4 category options while submitting to a directory. Please carefully input the category names, since this will make the submission to a directory successful or not.
Category Option 1: this shall be the exact deep category you wanted. When found in a directory, the category crawler will not search for the rest cateory options;
Category Option 2: if the first deep category option not found, the crawler will search for this one as backup. When found in a directory, the category crawler will not search for the rest cateory options;
Category Option 3: in case a directory doesn't have second level category, this is the first choice of main category to submit to; if found, will not search for category option 4;
Category Option 4: if the first main category not existed, will search for this category option;
If the above are not found, will search for sub words of the user input categories;
If still not found,the crawler will search for categories like other, miscellaneous, etc.
  • You can input the category option 1 as the exact category you want to submitted to;
  • Then input the category option 2 with a deep category which can be commonly seen in most directories;
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